Hi, I just received my obsidian sphere and it's absolutely gorgeous. Not only did it come in a timely manner, but it came beautifully packaged. I can't take my eyes off my obsidian and I would highly recommend this beautiful sphere to anyone. It more than met my expectations!


Gorgeous!! I have been drawn to the obsidian crystal for a long time. I have many small ones, but this one is huge and amazing. I keep it next to my bed. It was here within two weeks of ordering it. Well worth every penny and more!!

Emily Jane

I saw this months ago and l shared it. A friend of mine saw my post and bought it. I havent seen her in years and l went to her house and their it was on her book shelf.She said she saw my post and bought it. Since l bought one for my daughters new house and one for my self. Blessed be.🤚❤Feel the magic


I’m so pleased with this beautiful crystal. I’m so drawn to it. You can feel the protection coming off of it. I got the larger one and wow what a deal for this beauty. Get it! You won’t regret it! 💫🖤💫

Cat Catori

This is fantastic....I was so overwhelmed by the quality!!!!!I can't wait to get the other pendant/necklace that I also ordered!!!! Thank you so much!