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Grape Agate Cluster (1 in stock)

Grape Agate Cluster (1 in stock)

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  • 100% Brand new & High quality
  • Mineral: Grape Agate
  • Weight: 3800g
  • Size: 275x168x130mm

Grape Agate Cluster

Whimsy • Calm • Unity

Step into a realm of wonder with the Grape Agate Crystal, a unique spectacle of nature that evokes the magic of clustered, tiny grape-like formations. This gem is a testament to harmony and togetherness, symbolizing the beauty of individual units coming together to form a mesmerizing whole. Its lush purple tones resonate with tranquility, ushering in a sense of calm amidst life's bustling moments. When you commune with Grape Agate, you are gently reminded of the strength in unity and the peace that arises from cohesion. Allow its whimsical structures to inspire your imagination, and its soothing energies to unify your mind, body, and spirit in serene synchronicity.


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