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Pink Amethyst Geode Tower (1 in stock)

Pink Amethyst Geode Tower (1 in stock)

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  • 100% Brand new & High quality
  • Mineral: Pink Amethyst
  • Weight: 1500g
  • Size: 155x94x62mm

Pink Amethyst

Tranquility • Love • Intuition

Bathe in the gentle energies of the Pink Amethyst Tumbled Stone and find solace in its calming embrace. This gem is a symbol of heart-centered awareness and deep emotional healing. Its delicate blush hue mirrors the first blush of dawn, radiating peace, love, and a profound spiritual connection. When you engage with Pink Amethyst, you are reminded of the power of love and the intuitive wisdom of the heart. Let this stone guide you towards understanding your emotions, fostering self-compassion, and embracing the world with open arms. Immerse yourself in its tender vibes, and let your spirit soar to realms of love and intuition.


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