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Selenite Stick Set

Selenite Stick Set

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  • 100% Brand new & High quality
  • Material: Selenite

Selenite Stick - a must-have for anyone seeking to balance their mind, body, and spirit. Made from high-quality, natural selenite crystal, this stunning wand is the perfect addition to your meditation or healing practice.

Selenite is a powerful crystal known for its ability to cleanse negative energy, promote mental clarity, and enhance spiritual awareness. When used as a wand, the selenite stick can be used to direct energy, balance chakras, and remove blockages in the body.

Not only is the selenite stick a powerful healing tool, but it is also a beautiful decoration for your home or office. The smooth, polished surface and unique striations of the selenite crystal make it a stunning addition to any space. Place it on your desk, bookshelf, or meditation altar to add a touch of elegance to your surroundings.

Our Selenite Stick is approximately 6 inches in length and 1 inch in diameter, making it the perfect size for travel or everyday use. Each wand is unique and may vary slightly in color and shape due to its natural, raw form.

Order your Selenite Stick today and experience the transformative power of this beautiful crystal for yourself!

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